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WP1: Cloud and wind observations

Icon for WP1: A Wind turbine

This project greatly benefits from the ongoing activities of the DFG Collaborative Research Center (CRC) TR32, HD(CP)2, Hans-Ertel Centre for Weather Research (HErZ) etc., which provide remote sensing and in-situ measurements of wind and clouds at the Jülich Observatory for Cloud Evolution (JOYCE) together with a wide range of meteorological quantities. At the JOYCE site, surface energy budget, soil moisture, land use and vegetation are characterized through TR32, and the 3D information of raining clouds is continuously collected using multiple polarimetric X and C-band radars. In WP1, the rich data set from JOYCE will be integrated with satellite data to generate routine operational meteorological and renewable-energy products for evaluation of models developed in ET-CC and elsewhere. Operational and quality controlled transformation from measurements to the model output space, and vice versa, will be performed. To guarantee sustainability and the use of data by the international community, data will be published in Digital Object Identifer (DOI) standards and made available via repositories. We will continue to equip JOYCE with state-of-the-art instruments and improve synergetic retrieval algorithms.


  • PD Dr. Ulrich Löhnert (IGM)
  • Dr. Jan Schween (IGM)
  • Prof. Dr. Clemens Simmer (MIUB)
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Wahner (IGM, IEK Jülich)